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new-car-handing-over-keysWheelfin specialises in alternative vehicle solutions and is the leading Rent to Own Car Company in Cape Town and the Western Cape minecraft pe free german full version ios.

With more than 200 rent to own vehicles, we provide clients with an affordable alternative to traditional bank finance. With “Rent to Own” cars or “Rent to Buy” cars as it is also referred to, the client rents a vehicle over a fixed period of time at a fixed monthly installment and then becomes the legal owner of that vehicle at the end of the rental period apple mac os. The monthly payment includes insurance, free servicing of vehicle, tracker and annual licencing.

We also offer a “Rent your Own” car solution download whatsapp chat history. We buy the clients vehicle at a market related price and the client then rents the same vehicle from the company on a Rent to Own car basis. After 60 months the client has “paid off” his vehicle and the vehicle is the transferred back into the client’s name endnote herunterladen. The client benefits by using his vehicle as security to get a large sum of money up-front whilst still having the benefit of using their vehicle on a rental basis herunterladen.

“Rent to Own” and “Rent your Own” is the perfect alternative for individuals looking for an affordable means of getting their own transport countdown video download kostenlos. We cater for all individual who can afford the monthly installment and also cater for individuals who started a new job, have been blacklisted, sequestrated, or have been declined by financial institutions due to low credit rating.