Rent to Own Cars in Cape Town

Are you currently rented a car on a long term agreement? Well why not choose a Rent to Own Cars Cape Town from Rent to own is not a new concept and has been used from anything from furniture to appliances through the years. However, what are the benefits of a Rent to Own Cars Cape Town?

  • It is a more affordable option
  • The loan can be terminated (in most cases with a 30-day agreement) at any time
  • If at the end of the loan you would like to keep the car, it’s yours free and clear
  • Alternatively, you can have a brand new option

Rent to Own Cars Cape Town is one that can be very beneficial to those who do not have the luxury of using more traditional means of procuring the money need to buy a car. So why not try a rent to own cars with

Blacklisted? Need A car

These days’ banks have more power than ever and blacklisting for many people is a forgone conclusion. Are you black listed? Need a car? We at can solve your problems with the ultimate solution- Rent to own cars blacklisted. We offer our blacklisted clients aren’t to own alternative that will allow them to remain independent and have the use of a car 24/7. The procedure is simple- opting for long term car hire and make use of the rented car while you are blacklisted, and when the creditors give you the ‘all-clear’ you can purchase the car that you have been renting. A solution that we offer is when you are blacklisted and need a car, let help you out with the ultimate ‘rent to own’ alternative solution to your transport problem. There is nothing scary than being blacklisted, need a car anyway? Contact us today!

Long Term Rentals: If you are unable to purchase your own car at the moment, or you are blacklisted and need to be in possession of a car, then long term rentals will be a convenient solution for you.

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While public transport in South Africa has shown some signs of progress, according to most, it is still necessary for people to own their own cars. Public transport brings with it unreliability and lack of control which can make you late for appointments and be the cause of stress. Rather choose long term rentals if you are unable to purchase a new car, or are blacklisted, at the moment. Long term rentals at are reasonable and will give you back your independence. Contact us today and let one of our consultants customize a package that will be right for you.